Questa Advocaten is an expert in assisting companies in financial difficulty. Questa Advocaten has extensive experience regarding all execution- and insolvency proceedings. When the continuity of your business is at risk, a judicial reorganisation (WCO) can give you the breathing space you need. Questa advocaten provides customized advice and consultancy to companies in (threatened) insolvency.

Questa Advocaten is also well qualified to represent the interests of creditors seeking to maximize recovery of funds.

The firm provides clear advice on the following issues including:

What about current agreements during the WCO, the bankruptcy or the liquidation? How does the WCO compare to bankruptcy and execution procedures?

What are the requirements a plan of reorganisation must meet? Is it possible to end the judicial reorganisation early and have the reorganisation plan withdrawn?

Which privileges can be invoked in case of WCO, bankruptcy or liquidation? What are the major issues in the event of transferring business activities or business assets?

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