Ethical Hacking

Should you worry about (ethical) hacking? When security testing software, a digital or physical environment, legal compliance is a necessary concern for your organisation.

Without the concerned organizations consent, the security tester is in violation of law, regardless of his or her good intentions. On the other hand, the business that has its systems tested may run considerable risk if the contractual framework, the scope of the environment and the chosen tools or techniques are not stipulated in detail.

Questa Advocaten has extensive experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating security contracts from both a supplier and a client perspective. Questa Advocaten advises you with expert knowledge of the following matters, such as:

Penetration testing, ethical hacking, social engineering & security testing

Drafting terms and conditions of cyber security agreements and defining of scope and techniques

Privacy, data protection and data leaks & confidentiality

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Kelly Matthyssens

Kelly Matthyssens