Questa Advocaten encompasses the whole spectrum of corporate work.

We can help with a variety of corporate law issues that you might face. From incorporation of your company, over capital increase or capital reduction, corporate restructuring, mergers or de-mergers, disputes between shareholders, joint ventures, shareholders’ agreements to the dissolution of the company.

General corporate law

Corporate housekeeping

Legal audit and sanity check

Dispute resolution, mediation

Corporate restructurings


Assistance of start-ups

Associations, foundations and non-profit organisations



Ellen Peeters

Ellen Peeters

Dirk Beeckman

Dirk Beeckman

co-founder / lawyer

General Corporate Law

Advice on the different aspects of corporate law

Advice regarding the appropriate legal structure of companies, assistance with the incorporation of companies and the necessary administrative obligations

Establishment of more specific company forms (partnership, temporary trade associations, joint ventures agreements, …..)

Liability of directors, liquidators and auditors

Shareholders’ rights and obligations

Advice and mediation with regard to shareholders’ disputes

Corporate Governance

Conflicts of interest

Financial assistance – company purchase of own shares

Corporate housekeeping

Preparations for the organisation of (extraordinary) shareholders’ meeting, boards of directors and other corporate bodies

Drafting various meeting documents and assisting with obligations regarding corporate documents (minutes shareholders meeting, meetings of governing bodies, special reports, shareholder ledgers, etc.)

Follow up of all administrative obligations which may derive from decisions of the various corporate bodies

Legal audit and sanity check

Screening of the legal ‘health’ of a business whereby on the basis of a, limited audit it is assessed whether or not the business fails in its legal obligations and the risks that this entails.

Vendor due diligence in preparation of a possible sale of the company or any other transaction

Buyer due diligence

Dispute resolution, mediation

Company law procedures and dispute resolution

Assistance and mediation in disputes between shareholders and directors (mediation, squeeze out procedures, etc.)

Minority claims

Corporate restructuring

(Cross-border) reorganisations of companies and groups of companies (mergers, (partial) demergers, transfers/contributions of a line of business or a generality, cross-border mergers and demergers, transformation, etc.)

Assistance with special transactions (capital increase, change of the corporate purpose, etc.)

Advice in the event of financial difficulties (protection against creditors, judicial reorganisations, etc.)

Dissolution and liquidation of companies

Bankruptcy (declaration, contact with the official receiver, etc.)


Assistance with transfers of shares or asset deals

Assistance with the preparation of the sale of the company

Due diligence (vendor and buyer, drafting data room rules, confidentiality agreements, etc.)

Drafting and negotiating of different agreements (letter of intent, confidentiality agreements, etc.) and documents relating to an acquisition

Assistance with post-acquisition integration

Assistance with collaboration agreements (joint ventures, shareholder agreements, etc.)

Assistance of start-ups

Assistance of start-ups, from the beginning of the activities, through the development of the business infrastructure to the entry of third parties or the transfer of the company

Advice regarding the suitable company form or the establishment of sole proprietorship

Assistance with the incorporation of the company and/or start of the activity

Assistance with the administrative formalities with relation to the start-up of the activities

Associations, foundations and non-profit organisations

Assistance with the choice of structure for the start-up and development of non-profit/social activities and this for both national and international associations.

Assistance with the incorporation of associations and foundations, and all related obligations

Assistance with the acceptance of donations and legacies and fulfilling the related administrative formalities

Assistance the fulfilments of different obligations (submitting membership lists, submitting the annual accounts, publications, etc.)

Liability of directors and auditors

Modifications of the by-laws

Mergers and restructurings


Dissolution and liquidation of associations and foundations